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What's Kickin' in the Kitchen?

July 2022



Our staff is always rockin' and rollin'! Some of our leaders got together at McPherson College to assist in a catered event. This group really proves how connected Sodexo is as a company. Whether you need one or two or even 7 extra hands, we'll always be there for our team.


Speaking of McPherson, our teams combined created a very impressive display of food that was met with much awe and appreciation. It's great to see what our teams can accomplish when put together. Well done, team!



IMG_8463 (1).jpg

Our stadium has been undergoing major upgrades, including adding two indoor Football and Volleyball facilities! Because of this, construction workers have been working every day to get these complexes built. We treated the group to a BBQ lunch that was met with much praise. We thank them for all their hard work!


7/8 - Construction Lunch

7/13 - Meritrust Credit Union Lunch

7/28 - Student Athlete Etiquette Meal

7/29 - Chamber of Commerce Intern Lunch

Throughout July, Performance Table Operation for Breakfast and Dinner

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