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What's Kickin' in the Kitchen?

August 2022


Chef Pals.jpg

August was a month of phenomenal teamwork for our operation. We held a series of training camps for our K-State athletes. Every day we fed over 300 athletes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Working around the clock can be challenging, so we brought back our snack table for our employees that was filled up every day for our employees to take as many as they needed. Well done, team!


Among our many events this month, one special event took place at our Athletic Director's house. This Backyard BBQ included some impressive displays like the one seen here. Everyone had a splendid time, and we look forward to more events like this!

IMG_5133 (1).jpg




8/1-8/21 - Athletic Training Camps

8/4 - Dinner on the Basketball Court

8/12 - Athletic Director's Backyard BBQ

8/18 - K-State Band Pre-Season Camp

8/18 - Ost Rehearsal Dinner

8/19 - English Department Reception

8/21 - Week of Welcome

8/23 - Topping Out Ceremony

8/23 - Ops Staff Training

8/28 - Athletics Welcome Back Dinner

As we gear up for football season, we've been actively recruiting and engaging with our community through a variety of touchpoints. One of these touchpoints included us partnering with the K-State Student Union. We set up a recruitment table with representatives from Sodexo to answer questions about the company and applying. Additionally, the free cookies made for a perfect icebreaker!

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